How Do We Market Your Music?

We take your music/video and promote it  daily through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email Campaigns & LinkedIN similar to the Facebook & Instagram ads platform but 3X more powerful. The promotion will stop once the campaign deadline has been reached. Please be advised that when promoting your music I use a special algorithm to send out the release when there is the most significant online traffic. This is the same method the labels use to sky rocket their artists release.

D.I.Y Marketing Kit

Are you looking for Radio Stations to submit your music to? Are You looking for Blogs & Magazines to submit your music to? Are you looking for Djs , Radio Stations & More emails to add to your contact list? If you said Yes to anyone of the above, then our D.I.Y Music Marketing Kit is just for YOU!!! It contains all of the above plus MORE! Just enter your correct email address and we send it right on over.